Ep. #3475

Season 14, Episode 213 -  Air Date: 1/26/2001
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Clarke notices that Sally‘s mind is elsewhere as they work at the office. Sally admits that she is worried about Kimberly. Clarke feels the only two people that could help Kimberly are either Macy or her father, so he believes that their isn‘t much hope. Kimberly is stunned to see her father at the door. Adam tells Kimberly that he has been keeping an eye on her as she says that she needs him. Adam confesses that it‘s too dangerous for him to stay in Los Angeles and asks Kimberly to go away with him. As they leave, he informs her that he has a big surprise waiting for her. Deacon pushes Amber aside as he rushes down to the street where Carmen‘s body lays. Paramedics arrive but Carmen is already dead. An officer questions a shaken Amber and learns of her previous arrest for drug possesion. When Deacon fails to back up her story, Amber is arrested in connection with Carmen‘s fall.