Ep. #3474

Season 14, Episode 212 -  Air Date: 1/25/2001
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Kimberly sits alone at the beach house and remembers Macy. Sally drops in and is concerned that Kimberly has shut herself off. Kimberly admits that she is alone and miserable but insists that she needs to be alone to work through her grief. Sally makes Kimberly promise to keep in touch. Kimberly is later shocked by a surprise visitor. Rick talks with Stephanie about Deacon. Stephanie believes that Deacon is motivated by power. Rick says that he thinks Deacon is after Amber. Stephanie wonders how Carmen would react to that. Deacon yells at Glenn the bartender for allowing Carmen to drink too much. Glenn is worried that Deacon left Carmen and Amber alone together. Amber tries to leave the rooftop but Carmen grabs her and a scuffle starts between them. Deacon rushes upstairs just as Carmen loses her footing and falls from the roof.