Ep. #3473

Season 14, Episode 211 -  Air Date: 1/24/2001
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Morgan refuses to leave Forrester Creations. Eric tells her that she can no longer work with Ridge but Morgan sobs that her job is all she has left. Stephanie thinks Morgan has lost it and has security throw her out. Morgan vows that Stephanie will pay. Rick continues to worry about Amber being with Deacon. Bridget questions Carmen‘s character and Rick admits that she is unstable. Rick blames himself for the whole situation. Carmen accuses Deacon and Amber of having an affair. Amber tries to explain the kiss but Carmen is a mess. She hangs the baby over the roof, blaming him for ruining her life. Deacon screams at Carmen not to hurt his son. Deacon apologises to Carmen and says that he needs her, promising to get rid of Amber. Carmen hands him the baby and he rushes him downstairs. Amber threatens to kill Carmen.