Ep. #3472

Season 14, Episode 210 -  Air Date: 1/23/2001
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Eric and Stephanie discuss Ridge and Taylor in his office. Stephanie is glad that they managed to make it through Morgan‘s manipulation. Morgan overhears and walks in. Eric fires her, but she states that only Brooke can hire and fire. Eric tells her to get out, or he‘ll have her thrown out. In St. Thomas, Ridge and Taylor watch the kids sleep, knowing how precious they are. Ridge sends Taylor on another treasure hunt like he did many years before when proposing, upon finding a diamond ring, Ridge proposes again. Amber thinks Deacon has taken the baby but is worried when she learns that he hasn‘t. They both conclude that Carmen has him and Glenn, the bartender, tells them that Carmen was drunk. Deacon tells Amber that Carmen usually goes to the roof to chill out. They are scared when they head up there and find Carmen on the edge of the roof with the baby.