Ep. #3471

Season 14, Episode 209 -  Air Date: 1/22/2001
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Ridge and Taylor agree that their children have held them together as they watch Thomas and the twins have a play fashion show that Catherine has arranged. They all arrive in St. Thomas and look forward to having a good time. Rick tells Bridget that he fears Deacon is after Amber rather than money now. Bridget advises Rick not to start throwing accusations as it could blow up on him. Deacon asks Amber for another kiss in order to get the baby, then laughs at her for falling for it. Amber is furious when Deacon suggests that she enjoyed it. Amber cries and Deacon actually feels sorry. Carmen knocks back some shots and becomes more angry thinking about Amber and Deacon kissing. Carmen later heads upstairs and takes the baby from his crib.