Ep. #3470

Season 14, Episode 208 -  Air Date: 1/19/2001
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Carmen is annoyed at playing babysitter to little Eric and wonders why Deacon isn‘t taking the money. Carmen accuses Deacon of being attracted to Amber. Rick airs his concerns about Amber spending time at Deacon‘s place. Amber assures him that she can handle Deacon. Deacon watches as Amber plays with the baby. Deacon tells her he will give her the baby and take the money if she will kiss him. Amber laughs it off, but he grabs and places a kiss on her as Carmen sees all. Morgan blasts Taylor for trying to have her fired. Taylor advises Morgan to leave as there is nothing left for her in Los Angeles. Taylor suggests Morgan have some professional help. Taylor meets with Ridge and the kids on the jet to fly to St. Thomas. Morgan sits alone in the dark commenting how she has nothing, while Taylor has it all.