Ep. #3469

Season 14, Episode 207 -  Air Date: 1/18/2001
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Thorne and Brooke wake up on their first morning as husband and wife. They discuss how their wedding brought everyone together. Stephanie visits Ridge and the children and they both tell one another how surprised they were to see each other at the wedding. Stephanie admits she suddenly felt guitly for putting the children through her fued with Brooke for so many years. Ridge tells Stephanie that he, Taylor and the kids will soon be leaving for St. Thomas. Thorne later drops in and thanks them for coming to the ceremony. Brooke finds Morgan hanging around Ridge‘s office. Brooke sympathises for Morgan‘s loss and tells her that Ridge and Taylor are going to St. Thomas and she and Thorne are going on thier honeymoon so Morgan won‘t be disturbed at work. Taylor is angry to see Morgan and orders Brooke to fire her. Brooke remains professional, stating that Forrester Creations needs her.