Ep. #3468

Season 14, Episode 206 -  Air Date: 1/17/2001
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Sally is disgusted when she sees Brooke and Thorne‘s wedding announcement in the newspaper and states that it‘s an insult to Macy‘s memory. Sally is confused when she learns that Stephanie is attending. Darla and Clarke suggest if Stephanie can accept it, Sally can too. As the wedding begins, Stephen makes a speech about everlasting love between Brooke and Thorne. Beth is stunned when Stephanie offers to light a unity candle with her, putting their fued to rest. Brooke and Thorne exchange their vows and pledge their lives to one another as Kimberly fights her tears. Brooke and Thorne are pronounced husband and wife and Brooke tells of how the two families have come together. The Forrester‘s and the Logan‘s as one, all due to one man: Thorne.