Ep. #3467

Season 14, Episode 205 -  Air Date: 1/16/2001
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Eric and Beth talk about old times and Beth admits that she is angry Stephanie won‘t come to the wedding. Rick and Amber joke that their wedding will be next, assuring one another that little Eric will be at theirs. Donna and Katie gather with Grandma and Beth, all noting how much Brooke wants Stephanie to attend. Rick approaches Kimberly and makes his peace with her, but notices the sadness in her eyes. Megan takes photographs of Rick, Bridget, Thomas and the twins, mentionig to Taylor the next generation of the Forrester family. Ridge apologises to Thorne for trying to control his life and offers his full support to his brother. Stephanie tells Brooke that she will never forgive her for the pain she has caused, but says that she will attend the ceremony for the sake of the family. Everyone is stunned when Ridge enters and takes his place with Thorne, while Stephanie walks Brooke down the aisle.