Ep. #3466

Season 14, Episode 204 -  Air Date: 1/15/2001
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Brooke and Thorne‘s wedding day arrives. Brooke calls Stephanie and begs her to attend, but Stephanie hangs up on her. Bridget shows up at to see Stephanie and asks her to go. Stephanie refuses and Bridget adds that if Brooke had never married Eric, she and Rick would never have been born. Bridget is hurt that Stephanie won‘t budge, although Bridget‘s words seem to affect Stephanie. Taylor tells Ridge she is going to the wedding and suggests Ridge goes too. He declines and Taylor lays on the guilt that Thorne has always supported Ridge. Rick and Amber chat with Stephen, Beth, Storm, Donna, Katie and Grandma about their own wedding. Thorne checks in on Brooke, they are both upset that Ridge and Stephanie won‘t come. Thorne is later surprised to see Kimberly arrive, she states that she needs closure and asks him to accept her friendship. Stephen and Beth support Brooke and tell her to focus on the joy of her wedding, rather than being down about Stephanie. Brooke is saddened further when Bridget tells her of her meeting with Stephanie. Thorne dresses and is surprised to find Ridge their accepting his offer of being best man. Brooke is shocked when Stephanie shows up in her bedroom.