Ep. #3465

Season 14, Episode 203 -  Air Date: 1/12/2001
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Brooke sits and thinks about her wedding and all she and Thorne have been through. Thorne arrives and Brooke is saddened by Ridge and Stephanie‘s refusal to come to the wedding. Thorne calls Eric and asks him to speak to Stephanie again. Rick and Bridget come in and promise Thorne and Brooke that their marriage is going to be perfect, with or without Ridge and Stephanie. Brooke‘s brother Storm arrives, followed by sisters Donna and Katie and then Grandma Logan. Their parents Stephen and Beth fly in from Paris too. Brooke asks Bridget to be her maid of honor and notices how upset Brooke is about Ridge and Stephanie. Eric tries to convince Stephanie to go to the wedding for her son‘s sake, but she refuses. Stephanie says she will never forgive Brooke for stealing Eric. Stephanie declares that Brooke will never be a Forrester.