Ep. #3464

Season 14, Episode 202 -  Air Date: 1/11/2001
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Amber tells Deacon that she wants to take little Eric to Brooke and Thorne‘s wedding. Deacon flirts with Amber but she pushes him away. Amber calls Rick and tells him to bring the money to Deacon. Rick meets with Jonathan and they head over to Deacon‘s with guardianship papers and $1,000,000 in cash. Deacon is angered that they are pressuring him and throws them out, along with Amber too. Brooke tries to reach out to Stephanie, but she refuses to accept her relationship with Thorne. Stephanie mentions how Brooke has been with all the men in the room. Brooke is hurt so Thorne tries to reason with his mother, but she confirms that she won‘t be at their wedding. Thorne asks Ridge to be his best man, but Ridge turns him down. Eric and Taylor look sorry as a hurt Brooke and Thorne leave.