Ep. #3463

Season 14, Episode 201 -  Air Date: 1/10/2001
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Stephanie is furious that Eric is attending Brooke and Thorne‘s wedding. Eric tells her that they have to respect Thorne‘s choices but she refuses to be part of it. Stephanie wonders if Ridge managed to get through to Taylor and Eric suggests that they go over to see. Ridge and Taylor wake up together and Ridge promises her that he‘ll never lie to her again. Jack sits with the kids and is thrilled that Ridge and Taylor have decided to work things out. Eric and Stephanie show up and are so happy seeing Ridge and Taylor together. Brooke and Thorne plan their wedding. Brooke wants it at her home and has invited her whole family. Brooke thinks they should start trying to win over his family now. Thorne and Brooke try putting their case across to Ridge, Taylor and Stephanie.