Ep. #3462

Season 14, Episode 200 -  Air Date: 1/9/2001
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Amber pretends to be asleep when Deacon comes into the bedroom. He knows that she is awake and tells her that they could be a good team. He adds that Carmen means nothing to him as he touches Amber‘s leg. Amber is stunned by Deacon‘s words. Carmen is angry that Amber is sleeping there, Deacon yells at her that it‘s none of her business what he does. Clarke stops by to see Morgan. Clarke tells her that he won‘t tell anyone about her letting the snake out, but advises her to leave town. Clarke says that her games are up. Taylor tells Ridge that she isn‘t ready to talk, but he can‘t walk away. Ridge says how much he needs her and the kids, adding that they are his life. Ridge suggests that they move forward, becoming stronger than ever. Ridge asks Taylor to go to St. Thomas to renew their vows and she gives in with a kiss.