Ep. #3460

Season 14, Episode 198 -  Air Date: 1/5/2001
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Amber and Rick spend time together, both happy to be back together. They decide that they need to see little Eric and head over to see Deacon. Meanwhile at The Lair, Deacon props little Eric up on the bar and lights a cigarette. Rick and Amber are disgusted when they walk in and see him smoking around the baby. Deacon threatens to have a restraining order issued against them and then has Rick thrown out. Amber takes the baby upstairs to Deacon‘s apartment. Ridge wanders around the pool by the Forrester home and thinks back to when his kids were born. He is shocked when he sees a ghostly figure of his dead wife Caroline standing before him. Caroline tells Ridge to hold on, she adds that he and Taylor will make it through. Taylor sits with Thomas, knowing that he misses Ridge. Ridge calls and asks Taylor not to walk away from their marriage, telling her that he loves her and needs her.