Ep. #3459

Season 14, Episode 197 -  Air Date: 1/4/2001
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Thorne and Brooke try to reason with Eric for him to attend their wedding. Eric feels their relationship has caused too much pain. Brooke informs him that Rick and Bridget have given their support. Eric is stunned but finally decides that if his children can handle it then so can he. Ridge and Taylor arrive home and he begs her to forgive him. Taylor says that he cheated and lied and doesn‘t know if she can ever forgive him. Taylor demands to be alone and asks him to go. Thomas, and the girls come in with Catherine and he Ridge tells them that he has to go on a business trip. Taylor sobs as Ridge does the same. Stephanie brings Morgan home to the beach house and shows genuine concern for her loss, but Morgan lashes out that she doesn‘t want Stephanie‘s fake sympathy. Morgan flips out at Stephanie and she realizes that Morgan is clearly unstable. Morgan throws her out and smashes the windows. Morgan rocks on the floor holding her ultrasound photograph.