Ep. #3458

Season 14, Episode 196 -  Air Date: 1/3/2001
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Brooke and Thorne begin thinking about their wedding. Thorne thinks that they will be getting married alone as none of his family will attend. Brooke and Thorne go to Eric, but he doesn‘t want to talk to them. Thorne invites him to the wedding and Brooke hopes he will come. Megan learns of Morgan‘s accident and tells Stephanie, whom rushes off to the hospital. Morgan becomes hysterical when Dr. Paxson breaks the news that her baby died during the fall. Morgan is uncontrollable and accuses Taylor of killing her baby. Morgan lashes out so Dr. Paxson has to sedate her. Stephanie arrives and learns what has happened from Ridge. Taylor is furious that Stephanie knew the truth about the baby and never told her. Stephanie sends Ridge and Taylor home, then heads in to see Morgan.