Ep. #3456

Season 14, Episode 194 -  Air Date: 12/28/2000
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Amber informs Rick of her visit with Deacon. Amber feels Carmen is a threat to little Eric‘s safety, but Rick advises Amber to let Eric and Jonathan handle things. Amber feels it‘s time that CJ learned of her new found romance with Rick. Meanwhile, CJ closes The Insomnia Cafe and has Darla help him prepare a romantic meal for himself and Amber. She later arrives and is concerned by all the trouble he has gone through for her. Stephanie visits Clarke and digs for information about the snake attack. Clarke remains silent but says that Morgan has to be kept away from Taylor. A groggy Morgan comes to but doesn‘t remember how she got to the hospital. Morgan suddenly remembers and accuses Taylor of pushing her over the balcony. Morgan wonders where her baby is.