Ep. #3455

Season 14, Episode 193 -  Air Date: 12/27/2000
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Carmen and Amber get into it. Deacon finds it amusing as Carmen pushes Amber around. They hurl insults and Deacon sends Carmen out. Deacon allows Amber to see the baby and she tries again to appeal to his better side. Taylor is scared seeing Morgan on the floor bleeding, she calls for an ambulance and heads to the hospital too. Dr. Paxson informs Morgan that she is in labor. Taylor learns that Morgan‘s torn placenta has ruptured and the baby is in trouble. Ridge returns home and sees the blood. He notices Morgan‘s purse and heads to the hospital. Morgan is rushed off to the operating room as Ridge shows up and learns from Taylor what has happened. He attempts to hold her, but she pushes him away. Later, Ridge and Taylor go in to see Morgan and learn that the baby has been born.