Ep. #3454

Season 14, Episode 192 -  Air Date: 12/26/2000
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Amber begins freaking out that they haven‘t heard from Deacon. Rick assures her that he will call soon enough. Carmen moans at Deacon about leaving her to mother the baby. Deacon tells her that he doesn‘t want little Eric, he just needs to make a point. Carmen isn‘t impressed. Amber calls and hears the baby crying. Deacon hangs up on her. Amber marches over and when Deacon still refuses to let her see the baby, she breaks down his door with a fire ax. Eric tells Ridge that he is sickened by the situation with Morgan. Stephanie is more concerned about Taylor and wonders how she is coping. Morgan tries apologising to Taylor, but Taylor orders her away. Morgan insists that she doesn‘t want Ridge and attempts to rationalize her actions by bringing up the abortion. Taylor realizes that Morgan is out of her mind as Morgan chases Taylor upstairs and grabs her. Taylor pulls herself free, causing Morgan to lose her balance and topple over the balcony to the floor below.