Ep. #3452

Season 14, Episode 190 -  Air Date: 12/21/2000
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Amber panics that she has lost little Eric. Rick assures her that they will get the baby back. Rick thinks Deacon will soon realize that raising a baby isn‘t easy and will give him back. Amber worries that she also has another problem with CJ, she needs to tell him that she wants to be with Rick. Morgan is furious with Stephanie, but Stephanie says that Taylor needs to know the truth. Stephanie feels that Ridge and Taylor‘s marriage will survive and Morgan will be out of their lives forever. Taylor is horrfied and yells at Ridge to leave as he tries to explain himself. Ridge tells her how Morgan manipulated him, but Taylor doesn‘t want to hear it, she screams at him to get out. Ridge decides he must be totally honest and tells Taylor he is the father of Morgan‘s baby.