Ep. #3451

Season 14, Episode 189 -  Air Date: 12/20/2000
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Brooke and Thorne wake up with one another, filled with a happy glow of being reunited. Brooke takes Thorne onto the balcony asking him to remember the moment, at which point she proposes to him. Stephanie meets with Ridge and tells him that he must tell Taylor the truth before Morgan becomes a danger to his wife. Ridge wonders how Taylor could ever forgive him. Sally and the snake handler are pleased when Clarke is able to talk again. Morgan bursts in as he is about to tell all. Clarke asks them all to go, but Morgan returns and warns him never to cross her again if he wants to live. Morgan returns home and finds Stephanie there. Stephanie threatens to have Morgan jailed for attempted murder. She also informs Morgan that Ridge is telling Taylor the truth. Taylor worries when she finds Ridge looking serious, Ridge confesses that he slept with Morgan.