Ep. #3450

Season 14, Episode 188 -  Air Date: 12/19/2000
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Thorne and Brooke can‘t quite believe that Bridget is giving them her blessing. Bridget apologises for all that she has done as Brooke and Thorne leave. Thorne tells Brooke that he never slept with Kimberly, they kiss and promise to never be apart again. Bridget comforts Kimberly, but Kimberly admits that she has been living in a fantasy for too long. Amber attempts to appeal to Deacon‘s good side but he doesn‘t give in. Amber finds it hard to understand why he is turning down money to have a baby that he never even wanted. Carmen grows tired of waiting and calls the police. Deacon is happy when they arrive, showing them the court order, the officer tells Deacon he is free to take the baby. Amber screams out, begging to have her baby, as Carmen leaves with little Eric in her arms.