Ep. #3448

Season 14, Episode 186 -  Air Date: 12/15/2000
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Thorne visits Brooke and they begin discussing their relationship. Brooke and Thorne both agree that they have to move on. Thorne assures Brooke that if he has to move on, then it won‘t be with Kimberly. Kimberly feels desperate to keep Bridget from ruining her plans. Bridget says that she feels too guitly to carry on hurting her mother. Bridget tries to make Kimberly see that Thorne doesn‘t love her and that she will never have him. Kimberly realises that she has to come clean. CJ and Rick bid against one another for who is best to raise the baby. Deacon gets tired of their cash offers and tells them that he is keeping his son. They all feel that he is bluffing, but he hands them a court order giving himself full custody. Carmen goes to take the baby, but Amber warns her not to touch him.