Ep. #3447

Season 14, Episode 185 -  Air Date: 12/14/2000
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Kimberly asks Giovanni over and seeks his help. Kimberly asks Giovanni to help her get Thorne alone on the photoshoot so that she can make her final attempt at getting him for herself. Bridget checks in on Brooke to make sure she is okay after her accident. Bridget notices how much Thorne cares for Brooke. Bridget listens in at the door after she leaves and hears how hurt Thorne and Brooke are over the fact that they are apart. Bridget later goes to Kimberly and tells her that she will no longer stand in the way of her mother being with Thorne. Deacon jumps around Stephanie‘s living room pretending they are having a bidding war. Everyone is sickened by his antics, but Deacon loves every moment as he insults them all. Deacon tells them that he wants more than just money.