Ep. #3446

Season 14, Episode 184 -  Air Date: 12/13/2000
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Kimberly tells Bridget about the planned photoshoot on the beach. Kimberly is stunned when Bridget thinks that Kimberly should stop her schemes. Kimberly is worried that Bridget is going to blow everything. Thorne finds Brooke laying unconscious on the floor. Megan walks in and notices another flashlight about to fall on Brooke. Thorne saves Brooke‘s life and tells her that he loves her as she comes to. CJ and Sally learn of Deacon‘s demand of $1,000,000 for the baby. They both decide the Forrester family needs to be stopped and head over. Amber sits with the baby and admits to Rick that she loves him. Amber thinks she became too dependant on CJ, but he isn‘t her future. They kiss as Eric and Stephanie arrive. Sally and CJ barge in and CJ rips into Rick. Deacon grabs Carmen and tells her that they are going to Beverly Hills. They walk into Stephanie‘s home as everyone bickers about the baby and the payment. Deacon informs them he has made up his mind about who keeps the baby.