Ep. #3445

Season 14, Episode 183 -  Air Date: 12/12/2000
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Ridge tells Stephanie that she is overreacting with her opinions of Morgan, but Stephanie seriously believes that Morgan tried to kill Clarke and that Taylor is in danger. Eric walks in and is confused when Stephanie marches out, declaring that she has to protect Taylor from Morgan. Taylor is shocked when she finds Morgan standing behind her. Clarke is terrified, but Morgan manages to convince Taylor that Clarke is confused and has been accusing everyone of trying to kill him. Taylor is a bit unconvinced, but leaves. Morgan flips out at Clarke and warns him one last time to keep his mouth shut. Morgan switches off his oxygen to scare him further. Eric, Thorne, Brooke and Kimberly have a meeting with Giovanni. Kimberly begins having ideas when Giovanni suggests another photoshoot by the beach with Thorne supervising. Thorne later tells Brooke that he needs her. Brooke sobs and gives in to a kiss, but sends him away. Alone in the studio, a flashlight suddenly falls on Brooke, knocking her unconscious.