Ep. #3444

Season 14, Episode 182 -  Air Date: 12/8/2000
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Eric and Brooke discuss Morgan‘s designs. Eric isn‘t happy that Morgan is hardly in the office anymore. Brooke makes excuses that she is pregnant, but Eric wonders if she can really cope. Stephanie marches over to to Morgan and accuses her of trying to kill Clarke, but Morgan denies any involvement. Stephanie tells Morgan that Taylor will know the truth and as long as Taylor is alive, Morgan will never have Ridge. Stephanie tells Ridge that she believes that Morgan set the snake on Clarke. Ridge doesn‘t believe it, but Stephanie warns him that Taylor needs protecting from Morgan. Taylor tries to make sence of Clarke‘s mumbles to no avail. Clarke works himself up into a frenzy trying to tell Taylor as Morgan arrives and creeps up behind Taylor holding a scarf, as if preparing to strangle her.