Ep. #3443

Season 14, Episode 181 -  Air Date: 12/7/2000
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Amber cradles the baby as Darla drops by to see her. Darla thinks that the Forrester family made a huge mistake in messing with Deacon. Amber hopes that Stephanie can get through to him. Deacon pulls away from Stephanie as she digs about his parent‘s treatment of him. Stephanie asks Deacon to give his son the life that he himself never had. Taylor talks with Brooke about how bizarre Clarke‘s accident was, when suddenly Taylor is called to the hospital as Clarke has been giving signs that he needs to see her. Morgan hears the nurse call Taylor on Clarke‘s behalf. Morgan slips into his room and warns him about telling Taylor. Morgan threatens to cut off his oxygen supply. Taylor later arrives, but can‘t understand what Clarke is trying to tell her.