Ep. #3442

Season 14, Episode 180 -  Air Date: 12/6/2000
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Sally visits Clarke at the hospital with CJ, Amber and Kimberly. Sally is happy that Clarke is awake and when he gives them a sign that he can hear them. Sally is concerned when Clarke looks scared of Morgan‘s presence. Morgan manages to get Clarke alone and warns him not to tell his family that she let the snake lose. Morgan threatens him if he does. Amber tells CJ about the plan of incriminating Deacon and how it back-fired. CJ is furious that Rick could have blown everything. Rick talks with Brooke and she advises him to stay away from Deacon. Stephanie stands up to Deacon and refuses to be intimidated. Stephanie tells Deacon exactly what she thinks of him in order to get him to open up. He flies into a rage and Stephanie realises that he has a lot of deep hidden issues and has had a battered life. Stephanie pulls him into an embrace as he tries to struggle free, but ends up giving in as he cries.