Ep. #3441

Season 14, Episode 179 -  Air Date: 12/5/2000
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Amber is emotional at the thought of losing the baby. Rick assures her that Deacon doesn‘t want the baby and is just trying to scare them. Rick says that he refuses to allow Deacon to take the child. Stephanie can‘t believe what they have caused Deacon to do. Eric suggests sending Jonathan over to Deacon, but Stephanie says that Deacon no longer trusts them. Stephanie can‘t bear to see Rick beating himself up over what has happened. Rick blames himself and Stephanie decides that she must do something. Amber tells Eric that she has to pack her bags and leave town with the baby so Deacon can‘t find them. Eric manages to calm her down and promises that he‘ll sort things out. Carmen is happy with the thought of being rich when Deacon returns, but she finds him in a foul mood. Deacon tells her about the set up and warns that the Forrester family will pay. Deacon flies into a rage when Stephanie walks into The Lair.