Ep. #3440

Season 14, Episode 178 -  Air Date: 12/4/2000
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Deacon is angered when he realises that the Forrester family has tried to set him up. Deacon starts tearing the place up as Stephanie and Eric yell at him to stop. Deacon finds Jonathan in the study and demands he hand over the tape. Jonathan acts dumb until Deacon threatens to beat him. Deacon tears the custody document up and tells them the baby is no longer for sale. Ridge decides that he must see how Clarke is doing and heads to the hospital, which leaves Taylor even more confused. Sally comforts CJ as he is torn up about Clarke. Ridge arrives and sees Morgan in Clarke‘s room. Ridge notices how scared Clarke looks as Morgan glares over him. Ridge later questions Morgan and she is offended when he suggests that she is behind Clarke‘s snake attack. Ridge apologises and Morgan mentions how Clarke being unable to talk has infact helped their situation.