Ep. #3439

Season 14, Episode 177 -  Air Date: 12/1/2000
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Jonathan instructs Rick, using a hidden earpiece, on what to say to Deacon. Eric, Stephanie and Amber ask him questions that will incriminate him. When they have their evidence, Rick has Deacon sign the custody over to him. Deacon is about to leave when he notices Rick‘s earpiece. Taylor calls the hospital and learns that Clarke was attacked by a snake and almost died. Taylor is suspicious of why Ridge is so concerned about Clarke. Sally and CJ discuss the situation with the baby when Darla flies through the door and tells them that Clarke is in the hospital. They all rush to The University Hospital and enquire about Clarke‘s condition with a Dr. Paxson. She tells them that Clarke has broken ribs, a collapsed lung and is paralyzed. CJ begs and unconsious Clarke to wake up. Morgan later comes in when Clarke is alone. Clarke wakes up with her looking over him. Morgan tells him that she didn‘t want to kill him, only scare him. Clarke, unable to talk, is horrified that Morgan was the one who let the snake lose.