Ep. #3438

Season 14, Episode 176 -  Air Date: 11/30/2000
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Clarke finds it hard to breath as he attempts to break free from the snake. Clarke cries out for help as the python squeezes him. Clarke stops breathing as John, the snake keeper, comes by. He gives Clarke mouth to mouth. Stephanie calls Ridge offering support for after he tells Taylor. Ridge prepares to tell Taylor as she tries to make love. Catherine interupts and tells them that Clarke has been crushed by a snake and may be dead. Deacon kisses Carmen and tells her that they are going to be rich as he heads off to the Forrester home. Jonathan informs Eric and Stephanie of his plan to incriminate Deacon on tape. They are unsure but Rick and Amber feel that it‘s the only way. Jonathan hides out in the study with the recording equipment as Rick wears a wire. Deacon comes over and they all try to coax him into saying exactly what they need to hear.