Ep. #3437

Season 14, Episode 175 -  Air Date: 11/29/2000
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Deacon sits in his apartment above The Lair and laughs at how he worked Amber. Carmen comes in, angry that Deacon had Amber in the apartment. Deacon tells her that it‘s part of his plan. Deacon says that he will give the baby to Rick, for a price tag of $1,000,000. Amber tells Rick that Deacon offered to give her the baby if she slept with him. Rick asks Jonathan for some help. Jonathan tells Rick that if they could get Deacon recorded on tape, talking about selling the baby, he could go to jail and they could get custody. Stephanie advises Ridge to tell Taylor the truth before Clarke does. Ridge arrives home but doesn‘t get the chance to talk to Taylor as she shows him the family photograph and fusses with the children. Clarke takes a nap in his office, when he awakes he is being suffocated by the python wrapped around him.