Ep. #3435

Season 14, Episode 173 -  Air Date: 11/27/2000
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Stephanie finds Taylor and the kids having pictures taken in the Forrester Creations studio. Giovanni snaps away while Megan looks on and comments on how lucky Ridge is. Stephanie grows concerned by those words. Morgan admits that she told Clarke the truth as she needed someone. Ridge tells her that Clarke threatened his family. Morgan says that she can handle keeping Clarke quiet, but Ridge flips out and tells Morgan to stay away from him. He adds that he wants nothing to do with her or the child. Sally and Darla present Patsy Python to Clarke. He freaks out, but Sally tells him that she is going to make them lots of money. Their meeting is interupted by a furious Morgan, who kicks them all out and glares at Clarke. CJ and Rick argue about Amber, blaming one another for the problems with Deacon. Meanwhile, Amber tries to appeal to Deacon but gets nowhere. Deacon tells her that he can work out a deal with her right now as he kisses her neck.