Ep. #3434

Season 14, Episode 172 -  Air Date: 11/22/2000
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Stephanie tells Morgan to keep her mouth shut about her baby. Morgan tells Stephanie that Clarke doesn‘t know anything. Stephanie adds that she had better keep it that way if she knows what is good for her. Morgan wonders what Clarke is up to. Clarke taunts Ridge that he has the power to destroy him. Clarke reveals that he knows the entire truth. Ridge is livid and punches Clarke out when he threatens to tell Taylor. Ridge barges into Morgan‘s office and blasts her for betraying him. Amber panics that Deacon is going to take the baby. Rick tells her to calm down and that Deacon is only trying to get more money from them. Amber can‘t handle the pressure and heads over to Deacon. Amber tries pleading with Deacon, but it falls on deaf ears. Amber tells Deacon that she can offer him something that Rick and CJ can‘t.