Ep. #3433

Season 14, Episode 171 -  Air Date: 11/21/2000
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Sally decides that she needs to concentrate on the new Spectra Fashions line to take her mind of the family problems. Sally presents her new ad compaign to Darla, which involves a huge python. Sally jokes how Clarke doesn‘t like snakes. Ridge admits to Stephanie that he is worried about Clarke. Stephanie realises that Clarke is close to Morgan and may learn the truth about her baby. Clarke meets with Morgan and she tells him that Ridge is warming to the idea of being a father to his child. Clarke thinks Ridge is just trying to keep Morgan sweet and adds that the truth should come out. Morgan orders him to silence. Stephanie later barges in and tells Morgan that they need to talk. Meanwhile, Clarke goes to Ridge and yells at him for hurting Morgan. Clarke tells Ridge that he knows that he is the father of Morgan‘s baby.