Ep. #3432

Season 14, Episode 170 -  Air Date: 11/20/2000
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Taylor visits Amber to offer support. Taylor advises Amber to put her thoughts for the baby aside and think of CJ and Rick. Taylor tells Amber that she needs to make a decision. Amber worries about Deacon, but Taylor assures her that once he signs the papers he will be out of her life. Deacon hands the check for $200,000 back to Stephanie and refuses to sign the papers. Rick flips out and Stephanie warns Deacon not to mess with her. Stephanie sees Sally and CJ lurking in the back and realises Sally is competing against her. CJ and Rick get into it, as do Sally and Stephanie. Deacon tells them all to get out and heads upstairs with Carmen, saying he‘ll talk to them the following day. Rick calls Amber and informs her that Deacon has custody. Amber is horrified. Carmen asks Deacon what he is going to do. Deacon yells at her that it‘s none of her business as he gets off on the power he has over everybody.