Ep. #3431

Season 14, Episode 169 -  Air Date: 11/17/2000
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Stephanie tells Taylor that Rick is close to getting custody of the baby. Taylor airs her concerns that Deacon already has the cash. Amber is shocked when she realises that Rick has paid Deacon to get custody. Rick tells Amber that he wants her as his wife and he would do anything to have that back again. Amber is torn and tells him that she can‘t hurt CJ. Rick hears from Jonathan, whom has the papers ready. Rick calls Stephanie to accompany him meeting with Deacon. Sally gets Deacon to confess that Rick has paid him $100,000. Sally jumps in and offers him $200,000. Deacon laughs at how much control her has on their wallets. Rick, Stephanie and Jonathan arrive with the papers and order Deacon to sign. Deacon demands an offer of $200,000 from them. Rick is angry, but Stephanie pulls out her check book.