Ep. #3428

Season 14, Episode 166 -  Air Date: 11/14/2000
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Bridget visits Brooke at her office and tells her that Rick is in love with Amber. Brooke doesn‘t believe it and is concerned when Bridget hints that Rick is going to stop Amber‘s wedding to CJ. Thorne later drops in and Brooke acts cold towards him. She brings up his night of sex with Kimberly and throws it in his face. CJ is furious that the wedding has been haulted and Clarke tries to throw Rick out of the chapel. Rick says that Amber is only marrying CJ for the sake of the baby, which only angers CJ more. Sally threatens to call the police as Eric and Stephanie stand by Rick. Deacon enters and introduces himself. Amber flies at him for everything that he did to Becky. CJ rages at Rick for bringing Deacon into their lives as Deacon says that he has come to collect his son.