Ep. #3427

Season 14, Episode 165 -  Air Date: 11/13/2000
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Stephanie and Eric sneak into the bride‘s room to speak with Amber. Stephanie begs Amber to just hold off on marrying CJ until she hears from Rick. Amber is confused on what he has planned. Darla, Sally and Clarke are furious that Stephanie and Eric are hounding Amber and throw them out. Clarke and Connor help CJ get ready has Amber begins walking down the ailse. Stephanie feels helpless and calls Rick to tell him to hurry as he‘s almost too late. Rick gets on to Jonathan who informs Rick that papers aren‘t ready. Rick asks Deacon to help him stop the wedding but Deacon refuses to help until he gets his money. Rick reluctantly writes Deacon a check for $100,000 and they race over to the chapel. CJ says his vows to Amber and she returns hers. Rick bursts into the church and yells to stop the wedding.