Ep. #3425

Season 14, Episode 163 -  Air Date: 11/9/2000
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Deacon is getting hot and heavy with Carmen when Rick calls. Deacon sends her off as he asks Rick if he has the cash. Rick informs him that the papers are being drawn up. Deacon advises him to hurry. Stephanie and Rick press Jonathan to be quick with the adoption papers. Rick visits Amber and asks her to hold off her plans with CJ as he will soon have the opportunity to be a family with her again. Jonathan later calls Rick and apologises as there may be a delay on the paperwork. Amber arrives at the chapel for her wedding rehersal with CJ. CJ wants little Eric as his best man, while Amber asks Darla to be her maid of honor. Clarke and Sally are so happy as CJ gushes will happiness about his love for Amber. Darla notices that Amber‘s mind is elsewhere.