Ep. #3424

Season 14, Episode 162 -  Air Date: 11/8/2000
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Deacon thinks back to the night that he slept with Becky. He remembers how he sweet talked her into bed. He thinks to himself how that one night is going to make him rich. Stephanie visits Amber and learns that the wedding has been moved up to the following day. Stephanie tells Amber that she will regret marrying CJ. Amber wants Stephanie to leave but Stephanie continues on that she is making a mistake. Rick tells Bridget about his deal with Deacon. She is shocked that Deacon demanded so much money. Rick asks Jonathan to draw up the papers. Stephanie returns home and learns of the plan, she gives her support and tells Jonathan to hurry. Rick later calls Amber and begs her not to marry CJ. He promises her that they will soon be together and she will be his wife instead.