Ep. #3423

Season 14, Episode 161 -  Air Date: 11/7/2000
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Sally goes to Stephanie and warns her to stop sticking her nose into CJ and Amber‘s business. Stephanie comments that the marriage is doomed and Sally orders Stephanie to stay away. CJ fires ideas about the wedding at Amber. He notices that she is distracted by Rick and Deacon‘s conversation. Deacon laughs at Rick‘s offer and doesn‘t believe that he has to cash until Rick mentions that his last name is Forrester. Deacon is intrigued and wonders why there is so much hype surrounding the baby. Rick protests but Deacon joins Amber and CJ. CJ gives Deacon attitude as he talks to little Eric and asks him to get lost. Deacon goes back to Rick and says they have a deal to sign over the rights, but he wants $100,000.