Ep. #3422

Season 14, Episode 160 -  Air Date: 11/6/2000
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Taylor wonders where Ridge and Morgan are as they are running late returning home. Clarke thinks Ridge is up to something when he calls Taylor and she informs him that Ridge and Morgan still haven‘t come home. Morgan asks Ridge not to hold his bitter feelings for her against their child as the baby is innocent. After they are released, Morgan asks Taylor and Ridge to be godparents. Taylor is thrilled, but Ridge isn‘t amused. Rick tries to deny that Deacon is the father of little Eric but Deacon doesn‘t buy it. Rick has to admit the truth but Deacon says that he wants nothing to do with the baby. Amber and CJ make wedding plans and notice Rick and Deacon arguing. Rick tells Deacon he wants him to sign over his parental rights and disappear and Rick offers him $10,000 to do so.