Ep. #3421

Season 14, Episode 159 -  Air Date: 11/3/2000
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Trapped in the cupboard, Morgan tells Ridge to face up to the fact that she is having his child and asks him to stop with his mood swings. Ridge isn‘t happy telling lies to Taylor and Morgan isn‘t happy that her son will grow up without a father. Stephanie visits Amber and asks her to put the wedding on hold. Stephanie advises her to be honest about her true feelings before it is too late. At The Insomnia Cafe, Bridget tells Rick that he‘ll have to find another way to stop the wedding just as CJ walks in with the baby. Rick goes to leave and spots Deacon at a table. Deacon digs for information from Rick and learns that Becky is dead. Amber informs CJ of Stephanie‘s visit and CJ yells at Rick for his interference. Deacon overhears the argument and learns that the baby is Becky‘s.