Ep. #3420

Season 14, Episode 158 -  Air Date: 11/2/2000
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Morgan tries to get Ridge to loosen up during the birthing class. He tells her that he doesn‘t need to loosen up or learn anything as he won‘t be there when she gives birth. Morgan helps tidy at the end of the class. She takes Ridge aside to talk and they both learn that they have been locked in the closet. Bridget tells Stephanie that Amber is planning on marrying CJ. Stephanie feels that Amber is only marrying him for the baby and given the chance she would be with Rick. Rick goes to The Lair and asks a waitress named Carmen about Deacon. Carmen tells Rick that he is her boyfriend of over two years. Deacon tells Rick that he doesn‘t want him poking his nose in and bringing back faces from the past. Angry, Rick leaves and drops the photo of Deacon and Becky on the way out which Deacon finds. Rick meets with Bridget and tells her that his plan won‘t work because Deacon is a loser. Unknown to Rick, Deacon has followed him.