Ep. #3419

Season 14, Episode 157 -  Air Date: 11/1/2000
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Ridge comes home from work early and learns that Taylor is sick. Morgan drops by to meet with Taylor has they had previously arranged to go to a child birth class. Taylor has to cancel due to being sick and she asks Ridge to go in her place. Ridge is uncomfortable, but Taylor pleads with him to go. Ridge is further unnerved when people at the child birth class think that he and Morgan are a couple. Amber spends some time with Sally looking at gowns to wear for her wedding. She is blown away when Clarke and Darla come in with beautiful dress he has designed especially for her. Amber tries it on and everybody is thrilled at how perfect the wedding is going to be. Rick tells Bridget that CJ and Amber have planned to get married. Rick informs her of his plan to find Deacon. Ted Jones calls Rick and tells him that he has found Deacon, he runs a bar in L.A. called The Lair.