Ep. #3417

Season 14, Episode 155 -  Air Date: 10/30/2000
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Ridge apologises to Taylor for spending too much time at work. Catherine brings Thomas in to say goodnight and then Ridge and Taylor decide to make the most of the time alone. Clarke stops by to see Morgan, he gives her a massage and then proceeds to kiss her neck. He isn‘t pleased when she pulls away. Clarke tells her that she is obviously still in love with Ridge, which she denies. Darla questions Amber on whether she is sure that she wants to marry CJ. Amber assures her that her future lays with CJ and the baby and Rick will realise that. Joe refuses to give any information on the baby‘s father but later lets it slip that his name is Deacon. Joe warns Rick to stay away from Deacon as he seemed like a gangster and a con artist who got Becky pregnant and skipped town. When Joe is away, Tilly slips Rick a photograph of Becky and Deacon together.